CJ104 Crime of the Week

What happens when you contact Crime Stoppers?

Do you have information on a criminal activity that has occurred or about to happen? Are you concerned about retaliation, being recognized by others or the possibility of having your name associated with a crime? If you wish to remain completely anonymous and not worry about testifying in court or making a statement to law enforcement, contact Crime Stoppers with your information.  When you contact Crime Stoppers you will be immediately provided a tipster number which is your only identification and this number is used by you when you call back to receive instructions on how to receive your cash award. The information you provide on a criminal act will be forwarded to a law enforcement agency for investigation who report back to the tip-line operator.  Never share your tipster number with anyone or let anybody know you contacted Crime Stoppers. 

REMINDER:  We are into Revenue Tax time of year and scammers are attempting to get your personal information and convince you to forward to them your rebate money.  These criminals will contact you using fake e-mails, letters and phone calls to try and get your personal information, particularly your bank account and credit card information.  Using their data bank Identity Theft information, they may even provide to you personal information that was obtained by them when you ‘clicked’ or ‘opened’ a scam computer e-mail, or replied to a request on a Facebook site or hacked into your personal computer, all with the objective to convince you they are legitimate and honest people.  Never provide personal information to anybody, especially complete strangers.  Scams are very popular and your lack of attention to these types of requests could result in you losing a lot of your hard-earned money.

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