CJ104 Crime of the Week


Many people when they hear about illegal drugs in our area, they think they come from far away places.  In fact, many drugs such as methamphetamine, ecstasy and others are produced in Canada and maybe these are being produced in our region. The number of neighborhood clandestine drug laboratories (clan labs) have increased in recent years.  Criminals are manufacturing these illegal and often deadly drugs with one objective in mind, make a huge profit.  The drugs produced in these labs are not made by persons wearing sterile white lab coats and the containers and products used in the manufacturing process are not clean but contaminated.  These drugs have devastating effects on the lives of those who use them and their families, particularly children who must live in these environments.  Many regional thefts and other criminal acts are related to drug addiction crimes to get money for their purchase.  If you suspect any of these manufacturing operations are happening in your area, call the police or Crime Stoppers, now.


Citizens should be careful on how they dispose of their credit card statements.  Criminals have been known to steal these from garbage areas and then use the numbers to make purchases. If you see suspicious people hanging around your mailbox or garbage area, call your local police.

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