CJ104 Crime of the Week


On Tues. May 7, 2019, Woodstock Police Force responded to a break and enter at a residence located at 105 Gold Street, Woodstock, NB. Upon arrival, the contents of the home had been moved around and a plastic bin containing household contents was found outside.  It appears the break and enter occurred sometime between 3:00 PM Monday and 1:20 PM Tuesday.  If you have any information about this criminal act or witnessed unusual activity during the time, contact Crime Stoppers.   


Farmers will soon be preparing their ground for spring planting.  Just a reminder to dirt-bike and off-road vehicle owners to be respectful of farmer's crops and property.  You don't own the land.  Remember, it is a privilege the owner has given you to travel on their property.  Stay on the posted trail and outside perimeter of the field. Don't let your mis-behavior result in the owner closing their property to all law-abiding operator's who enjoy their sport.


The Department of Natural Resources are asking for your help in reducing the number of fish poached from our local rivers and streams. Illegal fishing activity usually increases when popular fish migrate to their spawning grounds. When the fish congregate in large numbers in these spawning sites, they are very susceptible. Disturbing the eggs or removal of spawning fish can seriously reduce future resources. Remember, it is illegal to fish without a proper license, to fish during a closed season or to sell fish. If you want a cash award and know of someone who is fishing illegally, call Crime Stoppers.

The Crime Stoppers New Brunswick Crime of the Week is brought to you by Keenan Construction, The Concrete and Excavation Experts, in Woodstock.