Cleanup efforts continue after vandalism at Assomption Roman Catholic Church in Grand Falls

The cleanup continues after recent vandalism at the Assomption Roman Catholic Church in Grand Falls.

In an update today, officials say the repairs are taking a bit longer than anticipated, but they hope to reopen in the very near future.

Church services, funerals, and weddings scheduled for Assomption Church have been taking place at St. Georges' Parish in Grand Falls.

Officials say they've been holding an extra offering at the end of each mass targeted for a $25,000 insurance deductible they now have to pay, with donations also being accepted.

They thanked the community and St. Georges' Parish for their support during this time, and the fundraising efforts thus far.

Grand Falls Police Chief Suzanne Themens told our newsroom that items were broken and overturned at St. Georges Church last month.

The Assomption Roman Catholic Church saw a window and doors broken, items overturned, fire extinguishers emptied, and an offensive message written on a blackboard next to a drawing of a cross.

Two youths were arrested and are facing charges in connection with the incidents.