New business directory, asset map for Victoria-Madawaska area

CBDC Victoria Madwaska-South has unveiled two new databases they hope will help drive new people to the area.

The organization has created a business directory that includes all businesses from Perth-Andover to Sainte-Anne.

It contains information such as company description, contact details, company names, websites and even job opportunities.

The CBDC has also created an asset map of all existing infrastructure located in the Victoria Madawaska-South area.

The map will hold information like resources, skills and talents of individuals, associations and organizations.

Officials say organizations and businesses will be able to use the map to network with each other which, in turn, can serve as a means to outreach to a wider span of the community.

They say the goal is to educate the roughly 50,000 residents living in the area about the programs and services available to them.