Town of Woodstock registers environmental impact assessment for new municipal water system

The Town of Woodstock has registered an environmental impact assessment (EIA) with the province for a new municipal water system near Grafton.

A potential drill target between the Grafton Shore Road and Route 105 was identified during the initial project planning in 2015, and its viability was confirmed after three observation wells and a proposed production well were installed between June 2016 and March 2017.

The project itself, if approved, would include construction of a treatment building and associated septic system, installation of a transmission water main pipeline via Horizontal Directional Drilling, and connecting the transmission water main pipeline to the existing municipal infrastructure.

The town is currently supplied potable water from two municipal water supply wells that are located on a causeway in the Saint John River adjacent to the town limits.

The wells predate the Mactaquac hydroelectric dam and head pond, which pose a "significant risk" to the town's water supply due to potential flooding.