CJAD 800 is now on HD Radio

Great news! NEWS TALK RADIO, CJAD 800 is now available on HD.

With HD Radio you get a higher quality, crystal clear sound, wherever you are in the greater Montreal listening area. No more static, fuzz and no more losing the signal amongst the downtown skyscrapers.

To take advantage you either need to have or buy an HD Radio for your home or office or have a car equipped with it.



Here are the steps to follow to see if you have it in your car:

  1. Check your owner’s manual to see if you actually have HD Radio.
  2. If you do have HD Radio - tune your radio to 107.3 on the FM band.Note: you need to wait a few seconds for the HD signal to kick in.
  3. Once the HD signal has kicked in, use your seek buttons, either up and down or side to side and go to channel 2 on the HD Radio.
  4. Add CJAD 800 HD to your pre-sets!

And, again, you can buy a physical HD Radio for your home or office. It’s actually pretty cheap. Here’s one place to find one - if you use the promo code “CJAD800” you’ll get a 10% discount.

Questions? Comments? E-mail the Program Director at cbury@cjad.com.


CJAD 800 HD Radio approximate coverage area