$1.2 million to fix a 4-year-old narrow sidewalk

After spending more than $2 million dollars to revamp a section of Brébeuf St. in 2015, the City will now spend $1.2 million to fix it again.

The redevelopment of the street next to Laurier Park included a concrete median between the bike path and the road from Laurier Ave. to St-Gregoire St. However there was some local pushback to the plan, which would have eliminated parking spaces to make way for the bike path. So, the then Coderre administration opted to keep the parking and reduce the width of the sidewalk by two-thirds to 70 centimeters.

The new slimmer sidewalk, which is barely wide enough for a standard size stroller, was met with plenty of criticism. 

"My primary concern is really for security reasons, because if they shrink the sidewalk, I cannot pass safely," Laurent Morissette, vice president of Regroupement des activistes pour l'inclusion au Quebec, told CTV Montreal just before the work began.

Morissette, who uses a wheelchair, said the skinny sidewalk was not wide enough for him to use.

This week the Plante administration has approved the $1.2 million contract that would fix the problem. The sidewalk will be restored to its original 170 centimeter width. 

The extra walking space will come at the expense of motorists as the 50 parking spaces that were originally on the chopping block will now be eliminated.

The city will take the opportunity to repave parts of Brébeuf St. The work is scheduled to begin in June and be complete in August.