11 year old girl hailed a hero after she rescues 10 year old from drowning

park lachine

Shana-Maude Curadeau was playing in the pool at Michel Menard Park in Lachine last Sunday and was surprised when a young girl came to the side of the pool and asked her to rescue her little brother.

" I thought it was a joke," she tells CJAD 800 News.

Curadeau says she looked in the water, saw the little boy at the bottom of the pool and went down to see if it was a prank.

" When I went to go touch the little boy, he didn't do anything," she explained.  

With the help of a friend, the 11 year old struggled to get the boy's head out of the water.

" So I grabbed him under his arms, I pulled him out of the water and my friend grabbed under his legs and then we put his head out of the water," she says. 

The lifeguard saw the kids struggling and rushed to help.

Curadeau says the shock set in as she watched the lifeguard perform CPR on the little boy.

"It was shocking to see a little boy in the pool, not breathing," she said.

Police say the young boy is recovering in hospital and Curadeau says she is happy and relieved that she was able to help.