11-year-old girl hailed as hero for saving young boy from drowning


An 11-year-old girl is being hailed as a hero for rescuing a young boy from drowning in a Lachine pool.

Shana-Maude Curadeau was playing with her friends at the Lachine public pool on Sunday when another girl asked her for help, pointing to her brother under the water.

“The little boy had a sister and his sister told me ‘Can you get my brother under water?’” said Curadeau. “I thought it was a joke.”

Curadeau dove in to help but found the boy wasn’t moving. With help from another girl, they brought the boy up to safety.

“I put my hands under his arms. I got him out of the water,” she said.

Once out of the water lifeguards began performing CPR. The 10-year-old boy reportedly survived.

Curadeau’s mother Marie-Eve Curadeau said she’s “very proud” of her daughter.

“I hugged her. I asked her what happened and she told me the story a bit and a lot of people tell me they saw her doing it,” she said.

Witness Josee Ouellette recounted what she saw.

“I heard Shana-Maude scream and I got up. She was already in the water, holding the boy and yelling for help,” she said.

Curadeau said she hopes to keep helping people by becoming a lifeguard.

According to Quebec’s Lifesaving Society there have been 46 drownings in the province so far this year, with many taking place in lakes and rivers. Director Raynold Hawkins said when it comes to pools, it’s important for lifeguards and swimmers to work together.

“You’re going to have some waves at the surface and the waves with the sun reflections, it can be hard for the lifeguard to find someone directly,” he said. “The patrons can help the lifeguards.”

Hawkins added that parents should always be watching their children, even if they’re strong swimmers.