12 month sentence for NDG woman who ran into 13-year-old girl during wild, drunken car ride

A judge has handed down a sentence of 12 months in jail and three years probation to a 49-year-old NDG woman who had no licence while driving drunk on the streets of LaSalle in 2014, hitting a 13-year-old girl and finally ending her wild ride by crashing into a tree. 

Stephanie Fryer had pleaded guilty to nine charges in October, including impaired driving causing bodily harm and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Fryer had taken off in her boyfriend's car in October 2014 even though she was drunk and had no driver's permit. Besides the victim and the tree, Fryer also hit a passing car, two parked cars, a wooden staircase, and a stop sign, losing a bumper along the way.

Fryer was also charged for refusing a breathalyzer and spitting on a police officer.

Fryer was convicted in the past of minor offenses such as simple assault, her last charge dating back to 2010.

The pre-sentencing report noted Fryer's troubles were linked to the people in her social network, some of whom were drug users and who were a bad influence on her.

The report said Fryer had since cut her ties with that group and had been attending rehab meetings.

Judge Silvie Kovacevich ruled that while Fryer pleaded guilty, showed remorse and did end her relationship with her social network, she still drove without a licence and tended to justify or minimize her actions.

The judge also cited the circumstances and seriousness of the crimes.

Fryer got emotional during the sentencing, sometimes dabbing at her eyes and nose with a tissue. 

After Fryer was sentenced, she did not appear ready to be taken into custody, tearfully telling the judge she did not have her medication, had to cancel medical appointments and had to take care of her dog who has a bad back. 

The judge refused Fryer's request for a delay to get her business in order, saying she should have been advised this may happen and to be prepared.

Fryer's lawyer Alan Guttman, who had asked for a sentence of 90 days to be served in the community, said the judge's sentence "was a little high."

"It's the first driving offence, the girl wasn't really hurt that badly."

Guttman said Fryer is now going through health problems and had fallen back into some of her old bad habits.