14 arrests in massive drug trafficking bust

The Montreal police department conducted more than a dozen searches Thursday linked to a Vietnamese organized crime network.

Investigators have been following the group since December 2016.

In all 16 raids took place, 14 in Montreal and two in Laval, involving 180 officers. 14 people were arrested and face several charges related to drug trafficking.

Officers seized a considerable amount of drugs:

- Marijuana
- Crack
- Methamphetamine tablets
- Liquid methamphetamine
- Cocaine
- Viagra and/or similar tablets
- Morphine
- Heroin
- Crystal meth
- Steroid pills and powder
- Hashish
- Cannabis resin

Investigators also found $126,000 Canadian dollars, $1,600 US dollars, 23 cell phones, one taser and nearly 200 rounds from various firearms.

In a statement following the arrests Montreal police thanked Hydro-Quebec for its collaboration in the investigation, but would not say what role the Crown Corporation played.