$15 million more to upgrade city of Montreal's bike path network

The Plante administration is setting aside $15 million to improve Montreal's bike paths — and to create more of them.

The new money will cover no less than 48 bike path development projects, and by next year, city officials believe the city will have close to 900 kilometres of bike paths going through 16 boroughs and four cities.

The centrepiece of this improvement plan will be a new bike lane set up along a 1.8-kilometre stretch of St. Andre St. E. The work is already underway, and should be completed by next year.

Among some of the other projects coming — an elevated bike path in Outremont, increased safety measues along the Clark St. bike path, and a new, "protected" bike path along Pine Ave.

The city is also installing more counters to get an idea of how many people are actually using the bike network.