2017 spring flooding: Quebec public security ministry goes on defensive

Quebec's public security ministry is going on the defensive in the wake of numbers obtained by the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) showing that 92% of Quebec flood victims haven't had their files settled yet.

The ministry has released a series of numbers showing how much money they've given out so far to flood victims.

The government argues that while many files haven't been settled, all flood victims whose claims were deemed admissible have received at least one payment for renovations and repairs.

So far the government has given out to flood victims:

  • $28.2M in the Montreal region
  • $12M in the Montérégie
  • $9.5M in Laval
  • $24M in the Laurentians
  • $24M in the Eastern Townships
  • $1.2M in the Lanaudière region

The government said that they could be making great progress in a file but that it remains open because all the work hasn't been done yet and all the bills haven't been received. They also have to deal with homeowners who contest the amounts received which delays the file.