2018 Caring for Kids Radiothon raises 1.3-mlllion dollars

Montrealers have come through again.

The 2018 CJAD 800 Caring for Kids radiothon raised over 1.3-million dollars in aid of the Montreal Children's hospital.

Charles Clayman's son Liam's heart stopped for almost half an hour when he was two-years old and spoke with CTV about the care his son has received. 

"He had a reoccurence three weeks ago and he had some great care and he's back to normal, so we can't thank the the hopsital and the staff for their professonalism in every sense", said

Sonia Dufour also spoke about how vital the hospital has been for her in caring for her son Julian, who required important medical attention after he and his twin brother were brought home after birth.

"They just made my life so much better. I mean, my peace of mind, making sure that my baby at home is safe that I have the knowledge to take care of him, giving me the tools... the support that I needed. I had VIP services", said Dufour.       

The event, which was also broadcast live on sister stations, TSN 690, Virgin Radio and CHOM FM, has raised 22-million dollars over 15 years. 

A big thank you to all donors and please honour your pledges.