2018 tough year for STM: buses historically unreliable, yearly report shows

2018 wasn't exactly a banner year for the STM, with its annual report containing something bus users probably complained about.

Among other things, the report, released Friday, shows its buses last year were historically unreliable, that the number of parked buses soared to the highest level in at least a decade.

On average, a quarter of buses were parked because of repairs or scheduled maintenance.

STM chairman Philippe Schnobb blames, in part, labour relations.

He pointed to maintenance workers' deliberate slowdown, protesting stalled contract talks throughout the year as the biggest reason buses were idle and waiting to be repaired.

He added the situation should improve after the recent signing of a contract with the workers. 

As for metros, there were fewer breakdowns in 2018 with Schnobb saying the new Azur trains are running properly.

Customers dropping items on the track, blocking doors or creating other issues affecting the network are said to be the biggest source of metro delays.