39 year old shot in broad daylight in Rosemont

A man was shot in broad daylight Monday afternoon on a busy intersection in Rosemont with a number of witnesses nearby. He was shot while seated in his Bentley convertible parked on Bélanger Street at its intersection with Garnier.

The victim was a 39-year-old man named Samy Mokaddem. La Presse has reported that Mokaddem was arrested last year on charges of extortion, intimidation and assault. He remains in critical condition in hospital, after being shot at least once in the upper body.

A woman who lives nearby and spoke with CJAD 800 said that the victim's wife was inside a restaurant by the car at the time of the shooting, though this was not immediately confirmed by police.

Police say their investigation is ongoing and that they do not know who the assailant was, or if he and Mr. Mokaddem knew each other. The numerous witnesses on site were unable to confirm for investigators which direction the shooter fled in. It's unclear as well if organized crime was involved in the shooting.