4-year-old manages to walk out of a north-end daycare

A worrisome incident at a north-end daycare last Friday.

A 4-year-old boy managed to walk out of the Amis de Cornemuse daycare on Sauve St. after naptime, and was outside for 20 minutes — without a coat in damp, 4-degree weather — before a passerby spotted the child and took him back.

The child's mother told the TVA network that he would have had to open three doors and a fence before going out into the street. He apparently crossed a laneway, and a red light, and walked nearly a half a kilometre to a park.

It seems none of the daycare workers noticed the young boy was gone, nor did anyone from the daycare contact the mother.

The network reports that the mother has now pulled her child out of the daycare, and has filed a complaint with Quebec's family ministry.

The head of the provincial association of private daycares, meantime, is calling this an unacceptable situation which could have had disastrous consequences.

Montreal police, meanwhile, say they were informed of the situation, but don't consider it a criminal matter.