40 complaints in two weeks so far about potentially dangerous dogs in Montreal

Since the city of Montreal adopted its modified animal control bylaw about two weeks ago, it has received 40 complaints so far about dogs with questionable or risky behaviour  and imposed conditions on four of them. 

In a report presented before the executive committee this morning, the city intervened in 24 hours in all 40 complaints - 12 were unfounded, 14 cases were closed. In the four cases deemed a potential risk, the inspector ordered measures such as a muzzle and leash and the owner has to put up a sign warning people about their dog.

The city has compiled information about 49 potentially dangerous dogs so far in nine boroughs. They plan on standardizing the data and procedures for all the boroughs. 

The dogs will be evaluated and if deemed to be dangerous, will be put down. Otherwise, conditions such as muzzles and leashes are applied.

In the case of two dogs which killed another dog, evaluations determined they were dangerous and the city ordered them euthanized last week.

Jean Francois Parenteau executive committee member in charge of citizen relations says the big difference with their new animal control bylaw is that citizens are being more empowered to call 311 and file a complaint about a potentially dangerous dog before something happens. 

"The (feeling of security) is really important," Parenteau told reporters.

Parenteau said he's not concerned about an increase in false accusations, adding it may improve neighbour relations.

"It's a validation," said Parenteau.

"After the inspector passes by to watch the dog and make an evaluation, probably the connection with the neighbour will be better than before."

The dangerous dog registry should be online by mid-December.