450 unionized Loto-Québec workers to strike as of Friday

The 450 or so members of the Quebec Government Professionals' Union (SPGQ) who work at Loto-Québec will call a three-day strike on Friday.

These are employees in information technology, communications, sales and marketing, finance and supply, real estate and the legal sector.

The union has denounced employer offers, especially with regard to job security.

According to SPGQ President Richard Perron, the integration of the concept of "spécialité unique" by the employer would make it possible to lay off workers without regard to seniority. In addition, he adds, the employer wants complete freedom to outsource at any time.

In addition, the union says their proposed salary increase is only 0.3% per year over 5 years.

Mr. Perron calls the offers unacceptable, especially while Loto-Québec garners record profits over the past two years.

Loto-Québec workers have adopted a 99.4% strike mandate for 20 days, which they will use strategically.