8-month jail sentence for drunk driver who hit, injured jogger

A 26-year-old drunk driver who ran over and seriously injured a woman in Hudson in 2015 has been given an eight month sentence.

Jordan Taylor had pleaded guilty last summer to drunk driving causing bodily harm to Tina Adams, 24, and her friend in June 2015.

Adams suffered multiple serious injuries and had to undergo 19 surgeries.

She and her father were aware of the joint recommendation by the crown and the defence, which the judge accepted, but they were still disappointed by the sentence.

"I was hoping he would increase it at least a year and a half, half of what I lost so far. Because this is going to affect me not only for the last 3 1/2 yrs but for the rest of my life," Adams told reporters.

Sentence 'not very severe': judge

Quebec Court Judge Bernard St-Arnaud said the sentence should be more than eight months, calling it lenient and not very severe. But he said it was in line with other similar cases.

Taylor's lawyer Philip Schneider said they need better solutions to preventing drunk driving.

"Whether it's eight months, twelve months, weekends or 23 months, what's it going to change in the public's mind? I'm not too sure it's going to change very much," said Schneider.

"Denouncing in general through journalists, through speeches, through courses, through conferences, through education, the danger of drinking and driving is probably more effective than just putting somebody in jail."

Adams had suggested during sentencing arguments three weeks ago that Taylor accompany her on speaking engagements in schools about the consequences of drunk driving. Taylor said in court he'd do it.

Judge St-Arnaud took them up on it, ordering Taylor to take part in ten such talks to students during his one year of probation, with or without Adams.

'An inspiration for all of us'

St-Arnaud read his ruling in French but took a moment to address Adams directly in English, praising her for her courage and determination. St-Arnaud told Adams she is using this experience positively as a tool for social change and to change the behaviour of drunk drivers.

"You are an inspiration for all of us," said St-Arnaud.

Taylor did not react much to the sentence, keeping perfectly still in the witness box for about an hour as the judge read out his ruling.

During his one year probation, Taylor is not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs and is banned from bars and clubs as well as restaurants with liquor permits unless it's only for a meal.

Upon his release from jail, Taylor cannot drive for 15 months. He has not driven since the crime.

Taylor is eligible for parole after serving a third of his sentence and if all goes well, he will be released after serving two-thirds of the sentence.