A case for body cams? Police wrestle woman to icy pavement

Video of a violent police altercation outside a café in the Gay Village has gone viral on facebook, renewing calls for the Montreal Police Department to equip its officers with body cameras.

The video, which starts half way through the altercation, appears to show two police officers wrestling a woman to the icy pavement, while another man, also handcuffed, calls over his shoulder for the officers to stop.

The police department is not commenting on what lead to the incident while it investigates.

Human rights activist Fo Niemi says the use of force by police is concerning, and argues this is an example of a situation police body cameras would have come in handy.

"It will be the words of the father, the words of the officers involved, and whatever piecemeal recording that can be provided," he said. "That could make things very complicated."

Mayor Plante rejected the use of body cams last week, saying the technology is too expensive and unreliable.