UPDATE: A Montreal election campaign promise to invest in parks

The mayoral candidate for Projet Montreal has made another promise.

Valerie Plante said Saturday if she becomes mayor on November 5th, she'll invest money in parks.

"She says right now, the chalets are often closed or abandoned and have limited hours of operation. She says her party would invest 7.5-million dollars every year for the next four years", reported CTV's Amanda Kline.

Plante said the money would come from Quebec's Activity Development and Infrastructure Plans.

Jean Fortier, her countrerpart with Coalition Montreal, reacted by saying her announcement is nothing new.

A spokesman for Equipe Denis Coderre tells CJAD 800 News this is merely a trick by the mayor's opponent.

"Several park chalets are available and open to the public, whether it is summer or winter," Marc-Andre Gosselin said in a statement. "Our administration works with the boroughs to assure Montrealers receive the services they have a right to."

"A pointed example: the conversion of the new Frederic-Back Park, the project [to redesign the urban concrete island on] Clark St. [near St-Laurent Metro], or our platform for children, our administration invested massively in the parks of this metropolis," he added.