A reminder from MADD: don't drink and drive — or smoke and drive — this New Year's Eve

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are speaking up this New Years Eve, they want to stop impaired drivers from getting onto the road.

In 2014, road crashes claimed 2,297 lives across Canada. 

It is estimated that 1,273 of those deaths were caused by a driver being tested positive for alcohol and/or drugs.

"Impaired driving is the number one criminal cause of death in our country, and it's totally preventable just by planning ahead." said MADD Montreal's Director at Large, Theresa-Anne Kramer.

"There's still around four deaths a day and 200 injuries," she added. 

"So by today there will be four police officers visiting homes across the country, telling people 'I have terrible news for you,' and there won't be a celebration at midnight."

In Quebec, 189 of the 381 fatal car crashes in 2014 were caused by an impaired driver.

"However you are welcoming in the New Year, if alcohol, cannabis or other drugs are part of your party plans, please leave the driving to someone sober," said MADD Canada Chief Executive Officer Andrew Murie. 

"No one wants to start the New Year off with an impaired driving charge, or worse, a crash that kills or injuries someone. Transportation options are available - there is never an excuse for driving impaired."

If you're at a New Year's Eve party tonight and plan on drinking alcohol or consuming drugs such as cannabis, MADD is urging you to seek sober transportation.

Their recommendations:

  • Book a ride on a ride hailing or ride sharing app
  • Take a cab
  • Take public transit
  • Appoint a designated driver
  • Plan to spend the night

You can also request a ride from Operation Nez Rouge tonight by calling (514) 256-2510.