A tourtière for the record books

Residents and visitors to the Désbiens extrême festival were treated to a super-sized version of Québec culture in the form of a record-breaking tourtière. 

A new Guinness World Record - to be precise - for the massive tourtière weigning-in at a deliciously large 962 kilos (2,120 lbs).

The huge meat pie served at least 3,000 people. 

The tourtière contained at least 79 kilos of dough, 718 kilos of potatoes, 327 kilos of meat and it took about 18 hours to cook. 

Désbiens Mayor, Nicolas Martel, cooked up the idea about six years ago and had wanted to prepare the giant pie for the festival ever since.

The tourtière's key baker, Annie Gagné, found the idea "a little crazy at first," but it's a good thing she likes challenges,

Gagné said she "just multiplied" her ingredients ... knowing that for 22 pounds of potatoes, she used 10 pounds of meat and then she did similar calculations for all the other ingredients.