Accused in bomb threat against Muslim students at Concordia University gets bail

The 47-year-old man charged in connection with the Concordia University bomb threat has been released on $10,000 bail and a host of conditions.

Hisham Saadi, a Concordia student, is charged with inciting fears of terrorism, uttering threats and public mischief.

Saadi must respect several conditions: he's not allowed to use the Internet unless supervised; he can't come within 100 metres of any university and he can't contact them; he has to check in with police every week; and he has to surrender his passports. A friend and a cousin of Saadi are each putting up $5,000 for his release.

Saadi didn't react to the decison of Quebec Court Judge Nathalie Fafard, only nodding yes when he was asked if he understood the conditions.

The judge's reasons for her ruling and evidence presented during the bail hearing are protected by a publication ban.

"We are ready to give all our support to Mr. Saadi," a relative of the accused told reporters afterwards.

"Morally, it was very difficult for him."

Three of Concordia's downtown buildings were evacuated all day March 1 following a bomb threat targetting Muslim students. Police say they didn't find any explosives or incendiary devices onsite or at the Côte-des-Neiges apartment where Saadi was arrested.

Saadi has to be present at the next court date next month.