Acronym acrimony in Quebec as anti-corruption unit warns union over using 'UPAC'

Call it acronym acrimony.

The province's anti-corruption unit certainly wasn't laughing over a public-sector union's appropriation of the word ''UPAC.''

The four letters make up the unit's French acronym and are very well known in the province.

So the corruption fighters weren't happy when they found out a union representing professionals working in the Quebec public service had appropriated the acronym.

The union was using the letters as a play on words in its bid to get a new contract from the government.

The official UPAC fired off a cease-and-desist letter to the union and its strategy seems to have paid off: the labour group has changed one word in its campaign so it is now known as OPAC.

Ironically, some of the union's own members work for the anti-corruption squad.