Aeroplan customer frustrated after attempts to book dream trip blocked

You've been saving up Aeroplan points for years for that dream vacation.

But as one Pierrefonds woman found out, it's not as easy as it appears.

Kerry-Anne Kutz ended up forking out cash for her July flight to Greece after three aborted attempts to use her Aeroplan points when clicking on the options didn't work.

Aeroplan tried to help her after CJAD 800 News contacted them but by then she'd already paid for it herself. 

Air Canada hasn't commented yet but Kutz said they repeatedly told her fixed mileage reward seats are limited and there was nothing they could do.

"I find it all pretty confusing. Either they offer the flights or they don't," said Kutz, who reached out to CJAD 800 via

"To me, if it's posted on the screen, then the flight is offered to Aeroplan passengers."

Not necessarily, said Ottawa travel blogger Anshul Singh.

"We've been seeing a lot more of what we call 'phantom availability,' " said Singh.

"Either availability doesn't exist anymore or the system glitches out on them and does not allow them to complete the transaction."

Another problem is the pending demise of the Aeroplan/Air Canada partnership which ends in 2020.

"The majority of the issue is a lot of Aeroplan members are just trying to get rid of their points so they're booking frantically," said Singh.