After a decade of decline, car theft is back on the rise in Quebec

Technology aimed at preventing car thefts has improved over the years, but so has the technological savvy of car thieves.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says that's part of the reason why car thefts are up in the province for the first time in a decade.

The Bureau suggests the typical methods of stealing cars — smashing windows and picking locks — are increasingly giving way to more sophisticated ones. Thieves are more likely to use things like computers, fake microchip keys and even signal scramblers to do their deeds.

Insurance figures show car theft in the province has declined rapidly since 2007, since federal regulations forced car manufacturers to install anti-theft systems inside new cars — from 14,364 cases in 2007, there were only 4,441 cases in 2016.

But in 2017, that figure shot up to 5,524 — up nearly 25 per cent.

Most of the cars stolen in Quebec are shipped overseas, to places like the Middle East and Africa.