After being stuck in the ice for three months, the USS Little Rock is on the move

After being stuck in the frigid waters of the St. Lawrence River since around Christmas, the USS Little Rock has finally managed to move upstream.

The newly-commissioned American warship was on its way from Buffalo to its home port in Jacksonville, Florida when it got stuck in ice during a cold snap.

Now, port officials say the $400 million warship has berthed at Section 52, upstream from where it was, at the Cité du Havre.

It's still not able to leave the Montreal area just yet — it might take another week or two before the ice thaws enough for it to leave.

The ship made news recently after condo dwellers in the Cité du Havre complained about the round-the-clock noise the ship was generating.

Some of its crew members also recently paid a visit to the Welcome Hall Mission in St. Henri to lend a helping hand.