After Riverdale High closes, PCHS may get a new name

Now that Riverdale High School is poised to disappear at the end of the year, there's word that Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School may be no more as well — or at least, the name might be no more.

The two schools will effectively merge at the end of the school year, meaning non-graduating students currently enrolled at Riverdale would be automatically enrolled at PCHS — though parents would have the option of applying to enrol their child elsewhere.

In the coming weeks, officials at the Lester B. Pearson School Board will form a "transition committee" to work out the logistics of the merger.

"The idea would be the maintenance of specialized programs, cultural events, sports, the naming of the school — all of the things that would need to be considered in a merged school," board chair Noel Burke says.

Burke says a new name for PCHS is "a distinct possibility", suggesting name changes have happened in the past for merged schools. The transition committee will hear suggestions from all affected parties, including students, parents and members of the community, before it makes a final decision.

Burke says everything would need to be in place at the new PCHS by July 1.