After some record-breaking cold, the weekend will look like summer (finally)

If you were out and about yesterday, you won't be surprised to learn Monday's chilly weather broke a record.

Monday's high in Montreal got no higher than 12.6ºC. There hasn't been a June 3rd where the daytime high has been lower than that at Trudeau airport.

The normal high for June 3rd is 23ºC, a figure we've only managed to reach twice so far this year.

There is some good news, however — you will be able to put away your winter coat just in time for Grand Prix weekend.

After a couple of days of midweek showers, by Friday we're looking at a high of 23ºC, with lots of sunshine. That sunshine will continue right through the weekend and into next week — after another 23ºC day on Saturday, Sunday's high is expected to be a balmy 26ºC.

And as for back-to-work Monday, the temperature will climb to 27ºC.

And meterologist André Cantin with Environment Canada has some more good news 27ºC — temperatures for the rest of the month are expected to hover right around normal values.

And you will be able to stash the winter coat away in the closet until the fall.

"The mean temperature until the end of the June is expected to remain closes to normal, so I think we're done with the very cold temperatures that we had over the weekend," Cantin says, with a little chuckle at the end of the conversation.