Alcohol and sexual violence: campaign promotes behaving and drinking responsibly during grad season

A local organization that promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol has launched a campaign aimed at youths and young adults during this time of grad parties.

Director general of Educ'Alcool Hubert Sacy said that over-the-top behaviour and comments, unwanted sexual advances, rape and other types of assaults have a tendency to increase when people get drunk.

"Alcohol is involved in 75% of the episodes when there is sexual violence and unwanted sex," said Sacy in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

"Alcohol abuse ruins the party."

Sacy said CEGEPs and universities have expressed interest in their posters, pamphlets and social media campaign that includes information about consent, knowing your limits, drinking in moderation and knowing when to step in when you see something wrong.

"To know that alcohol and alcohol abuse could be extremely dangerous when you are at parties, especially when it comes to sexual harassment, unwanted or unprotected sex," said Sacy.

Sacy said he realizes some may be apathetic to such campaigns.

"Of course this is no panacea in itself per se. It won't change the whole life of everybody but at least it has brought a small contribution to building a better environment in our colleges and universities," said Sacy.