American students watch midterm results in Montreal

Americans who are studying in Montreal gathered in a downtown bar to watch results of the U.S. midterm pour in.

They were hoping for a massive blue wave - to win both the House of Representatives and the Senate - however they only won the House.

Members of "Democrats Abroad at McGill," met at La P’tite Grenouille on Saint-Laurent boulevard. They started to gather at 7 PM Tuesday.

They watched results trickle in on a large television. When Democrat representatives were announced as the victor, they would roar in cheers. When a Republican would snatch a seat from them, they erupted in loud jeering and booing.

"The person we currently have sitting in the President seat has not led our country and he has passed policy that is harmful to most of its citizens," said Claire Rawson-Dannenbaum, President of Democrats Abroad at McGill. "Trump no longer has control of the House, Trump no longer has control of the budget. Trump can no longer set the agenda in the House."

"Having (control of) the House is only one part of the resistance, but it's an important one," she added.

"We are over the moon to hear that we won the majority," said Fatou Ndiaye. "I think it gives us so much more power and leverage in Congress, which we're definitely going to need with a majority Republican Senate."

"I feel hopeful," Ndiaye added.