ANDREW: My dog saved my life!

Last September, Adele Schwartz got up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. She slipped, hit her head and fell unconscious. The Ville St-Laurent woman says that's when her whippet, Sabrina, sprang into action. 

Sabrina is a quiet, docile dog. And Bill, Adele's husband, is a deep sleeper. But that night, Sabrina made a fuss in order to wake him up. When he got out of bed, he found Adele,with her head split open. She spent three days in hospital, drifting in and out, later learning she had a fractured vertebra in her neck and a compression fracture in her back. 

Adele says Sabrina's actions probably saved her life, and prevented permanent brain damage. On Tuesday, she joined Andrew Carter to recount what happened that night. 

Sabrina, along with three other pets, was inducted this week into Purina’s Animal Hall of Fame in Toronto. 

Here she is with her medal: