Andrew Scheer wants Quebec on board with Alberta oil

Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer may have been speaking to supporters out West on Tuesday, but he had a message for Quebec.

Joined in Edmonton by Alberta Premier Jason Kenny, Scheer was speaking of his plans to eliminate inter-provincial trade barriers, national unity, a decentralized federation and more.

Should his Conservatives win the upcoming federal election, Scheer said he would not be afraid to get involved in matters where provinces disagree, "take pipelines" he added.

Scheer said "no one has a veto on matters of National interest clearly in federal jurisdiction." 

He reiterated his plan to create a "national energy corridor," that would carry oil and gas from out west to the east and Quebec hydroelectricity out west.

Scheer said it would take "a great deal of dialogue with provincial governments and Indigenous populations" and "a lot of work."

The Conservative leader added that he understands Quebecers are proud of their hydroelectricity, but hopes that the province can understand and respect that Canadians in other provinces want Canada to benefit from oil and gas exports.