Andrew: The One Letter I Had To Read Aloud Today

With a monster snowstorm on the record books, we spent the whole morning show frantically talking about traffic, accidents, snowed-in motorists and school closures.

But toward the end of the show,  Andrew Carter received this note from a woman... and he had to read it aloud because it made him pause. 

Here it is, edited for length: 

Good morning!
I'm in my late 40s (OK, close to 50). Big fan, listen to you on my drive in to work, then my way home, and a few nights a week on my drive to air cadets.
Growing up - mom wasn't a big radio listener - but when we needed to know something, we ALWAYS turned on CJAD to hear about cancellations. So a long overdue THANKS!!!
Stayed home to work today - but my husband made it in downtown. We both got up at 5:30, and I went back to bed and listened to your show until I needed coffee around 6:30. My husband's been updating me en route. I just received this one from him:
"Made it OK to the office. As I was walking underground past the metro entrance saw firefighters, paramedics and security performing CPR with a defibrillator on some guy in his late 50s. I don't want to sound corny, but it made me think. Someone works their whole life and goes the extra mile to get to work in a snow storm when most people will just stay home. Just when he is getting off the metro, he drops dead among strangers. Life is too short and precious."