Another by-product of the extreme cold: a car-battery shortage in Montreal

If you need a new car battery in Montreal, you might have a little trouble getting your hands on one for the forseeable future.

Suppliers in this city are running out of new car batteries, and manufacturers appear unable to keep up with the demand.

Part of the issue, of course, is the extreme cold — car batteries often conk out when it's as cold as it's been lately in the city.

"During the winter, batteries are more weak and you ask your battery for more power," said a CAA Quebec spokesperson Pierre-Olivier Fortin.

According to Paolo Pisanelli, a sales rep for Bumper to Bumper, a car part supplier, even new cars were experiencing battery failure.

The cold has affected all sorts of car batteries, and those in need of a replacement now may be out of luck. 

A mechanic and co-owner of M.T.A. auto repair shop Antonio Terrigno said he's been unable to provide batteries to his clients in need, especially those with Hondas.

But Terrigno said he's doing the best he can.

"We tell the people just be patient, we'll charge up your battery and try to get them going and we'll take it from there," he said. "No one has batteries."

Terrigno said his supplier is expecting to receive more batteries in the next few weeks.

For now, Christensen advises Montreal drivers to keep their batteries warm.

"If you have the ability to plug your battery in, meaning with an intelligent charger, or even with a block heater, that will absolutely help the car to start," Christensen said.

-Alyssia Rubertucci (CJAD 800)