Another gas price spike in Montreal — to 134.9

The effects of Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf Coast's oil refining infrastructure appear to be making their presence felt at your local gas station.

The gas price-tracking web site Essence Montreal is reporting some gas stations in town have bumped their price up to 134.9 cents for a litre of regular — a second significant gas price increase in a week.

Just a couple of days ago, the price shot up about a dime per litre, to 126.9 — which means a fillup is roughly $10 more expensive than it was when the week started.

Earlier this week, Dan McTeague, the senior petroleum analyst with, suggested the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt as early as this week, and will most likely linger on for weeks to come.

Gas prices have been sent spiralling across the continent, as Harvey's damage to offshore refineries continues to be assessed.