Another week, another heat warning for Montreal

It's after Labour Day, so everyone is back at work and students are back in class, but Mother Nature still has a couple bursts of summer before Old Man Winter takes over.

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for the Montreal area for Wednesday.

"South westerlies will pull a hot and humid air mass from the Great Lakes over Southern Quebec Wednesday. The combined values of temperatures and humidity will produce humidex index values exceeding 40" the agency said.

A hot and humid day may not seem like a big deal in the middle of summer, when most people can go cool off in a pool. But this week young students won't have that luxury, and will instead be inside classrooms, many of which have no air conditioning to help beat the heat.

The early forecast for Wednesday will see a daytime high of 32°C, with the humidex that is expected to jump to at least 41°C. 

"Risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, and people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors" the warning said.

The hot and humid air mass won't last long, as a cold front will bring temperatures closer to seasonal and lower humidity levels by Thursday morning. The bad news, that cold front could be bringing some strong thunderstorms along with it.