Ants, flies, ladybugs found in operating room at South Shore hospital

You wouldn't expect to see flying and crawling insects in an operating room.

But that's what's happening at Charles-LeMoyne Hospital, according to video and documents obtained by the Journal de Montreal.

There've been 34 reported cases of insects at the Greenfield Park hospital since 2016.

The problem was supposed to have been fixed last fall but insects such as ladybugs, flies and ants began reappearing in the operating room and crawling around the table where surgical equipment is found.

Hospital spokesperson Lise Pouliot said they are constantly monitoring the situation but that after spending $700,000 to try to solve problems of humidity and an aging 52-year-old structure, problems can reoccur.

Jeff Begley, spokesman for the CSN health and social services union said that's what happens when administrators cut back on the basics and are shortsighted.

"No prevention - we wait until the problem comes up and then we try to cure it," said Begley in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

"We don't want to do things to just make sure that things are kept up to date and in top working order in a place where we're opening people up to do surgery."

The Journal said 30 surgeons and anesthetists wrote a letter to Quebec's health minister out of concern asking for emergency renovations.

In a statement to CJAD 800 News, Quebec's Health Minister Gaetan Barrette is reassuringthe public that the operating room is safe,  there's no risk to patients, and that the incidents were isolated.

He said the hospital submitted in December a plan for renovations which they're analyzing and that they will be making a decision soon.