Appeals court upholds Officer 728's assault conviction

Stefanie Trudeau, the ex-Montreal cop who gained notoriety some years ago as the tough-talking, pepper spray-wielding Officer 728, has lost another round in court.

On Wednesday, the Quebec Court of Appeal turned back her bid to have her assault conviction overturned.

In May 2016, Trudeau was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and was forced to perform 60 hours of community service after being found guilty of assaulting a Plateau man, Serge Lavoie, while she was trying to arrest him in October 2012.

The arrest was caught on video — as was Trudeau's off-color rant against "red squares" and guitar strummers" toward the end of the video.

Trudeau first made headlines after being caught on video earlier in 2012, pepper-spraying student protesters.

The appeals court decision means Trudeau, who quit the police force in September 2015, will now have a criminal record, and will have to begin her 60 hours of community service — unless she goes to the Supreme Court.