Are wood-burning ovens in restaurants next?

The city of Montreal might ban wood-fired ovens in restaurants as well as charcoal use is such establishments by next year.

Wood fireplaces contribute to smog and, for some area residents, charcoal use is an irritant. 

"We are looking if it's possible to change the stove and they use the gas or another option,” said Jean-Francois Parenteau of Montreal’s executive committee in an interview with CTV. 

The city has already urged restaurants to install filtration systems to trap soot and particulate matter.

Robert Moreno of St. Viateur Bagels said the restaurants and bakeries in the chain have already installed filters.

"We want to catch as many fine particles before it goes into the environment. As the smoke is being burnt we accumulate it, we filter it, and then we send it out of our chimney stack, and in doing so we reduce the emissions. The city has a norm, and we're below that norm," said Moreno.

The city admits there could a grace period lasting a few years and a grandfather clause is being ruled out for existing ovens.

Wood fireplaces have been banned in homes, except for new, cleaner burning units. 


-With files from CTV Montreal