Area around Trudeau airport a hotbed for car theft

New stats from Montreal police show car theft is a booming industry in and around Montreal's Trudeau airport.

Over the last 12 months, there've been no less than 350 vehicles reported stolen from April 2017 through last March — and that's up 5 per cent over the previous year.

In April 2017, police arrested five suspected car thieves working in the neighborhood, and eight other car theft suspects have been arrested since the beginning of this year, but the arrests apparently did little to stop the thefts.

More than half of the thefts are from hotel parking lots.

The airport is a hotspot for car thefts for several reasons, according to police: the airport is near several major highways, where thieves can make quick getaways. There are a lot of cars in hotel and airport parking lots, of course, and many of their owners are on vacation and may not notice their cars have been stolen for days.

At least one hotel is offering wheel clamps to drivers of certain vehicles that are among the most popular targets for thieves. And many hotels have set up gates, better lighting systems, and extra security staff in an effort to thwart car thieves, but Eve Paré, the CEO of the Greater Montreal Hotels Association, admits there's only so much that can be done.

"We're in the business of hospitality. We can't build fortresses," she says. "Yes, hotels have put in place a number of measures to prevent car theft. It seems that it's never ending."

Police say if you have to park around the airport, you'd be well advised to choose hotels with heightened security measures in place.