B.C. authorities express optimism over counter-wildfire efforts

Fire officials in B.C. say it appears restrictions meant to curb new wildfires are paying off.

Authorities say there are 127 fires burning across the province, but only six of those were sparked on Saturday.

They say with the dry conditions in the province, the low number speaks to how people have reacted to prohibitions on off-road vehicles and campfires.

The province has banned the use of off-road vehicles in much of southern B-C.

Officials said it was needed to stop sparks or hot tail pipes from igniting extremely dry fuel in the forests and grasslands.

Campfire bans have also been in effect throughout much of the province for several weeks.

Nearly 892 wildfires in B-C have charred an estimated 5,910 square kilometres -- an area about the size of Prince Edward Island -- since April 1st.