Babysitter charged with leaving baby alone in burning building will remain in jail

The 49-year-old woman charged in connection with the case of a baby left alone in a burning building in east end Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve will stay behind bars for the time being.

Josée Milot appeared in court this afternoon for breach of conditions in an unrelated drug case but waived her right to provide an explanation.

Lawyers agreed Milot would serve out the rest of her community sentence of two years less a day in jail.

Her defence lawyer Antonio Cabral said that leaves his client with about eight months or so left to serve. He said that will have an impact on his request for bail in the current case in which Milot faces four charges including child abandonment and arson caused by criminal negligence.

The baby was saved from the building on fire by police officers who happened to be in the neighbourhood on another case on August 31.

Cabral said he also has to factor in the therapy Milot is undergoing for drug-related problems. Cabral said his client has gone through one treatment already and is facing another.

Milot appeared briefly in court in the drug related case, wearing a black polo shirt, handcuffs and leg shackles, her glasses perched on top of her head. She swayed from side to side as lawyers discussed the case before the judge.

The current case returns to court in about two weeks.