"Begpackers" not appreciated in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, some locals are shocked and rather disgusted by a trend that has gathered steam over the past few years:  tourists from the West begging their way through their travels.

Sometimes they busk for spare change, sometimes they try to sell their photos or other objects, sometimes they just ask for cash.  

They're called begpackers and La Presse reports that they are now a fairly common sight on the streets of major cities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.  

Some locals say they're uncomfortable with the sight of able-bodied Westerners asking for charity in countries where many people live in abject poverty - especially when the begpackers seem to have expensive cameras, cellphones or amplifiers for their guitars.  

Others are offended by the notion of backpackers from colonial powers coming to beg traveling money from people who were - and still are, in some cases - economically exploited by the West.