Bel-Tone cleaners cleaned-out by roadwork

Nettoyeur Bel-Tone has been keeping residents near Gouin Boulevard and Laurentian crisp and clean since 1958. It’s survived a lot over the years, but city road work that started in front of the shop, last March, was just too much.

Robin Girard took over ownership of Bel-Tone several years ago and business had been steady until construction started, “since the fifth of March, the number of clients really took a big drop.”

In fact, Girard’s said the “big drop” was a loss of 50-percent of his business since construction started, which saw the erection of large steel barriers just in front of his shop and other businesses along that one block stretch.

Bel-Tone cleaners will close its doors for the last time on Saturday June 3, but Girard noted he’s not the only one to have trouble.

“Well, the guy next door closed. He had a small restaurant next door. He had to close because of this,” said Girard while pointing to the torn-up street beside him.

The restaurant next door had only opened last fall and didn’t survive a year. It closed a few short months after construction began.

Girard spoke to his landlord to explain the situation.and that he can’t afford to pay rent right now, but Girard said that didn’t help. Girard also has a mortgage to pay and a family to feed, “(I’m) 54-years-old, I’ve got to go get a job. It’s tough. Being a cleaner isn’t what it used to be. So, I don’t know.”

Watch this video on the CJAD 800 Facebook page to get a sense of how bad construction really is.