Bell invests $854 million to expand Fibre Internet

Bell announced it is investing $854-million to expand its Fibre Internet service across Montreal over the next five years. CJAD's parent company says it's the fastest Internet available on the market, at a speed of 1 GB per second. 

That would let you download an HD movie in just seven seconds, or upload one hundred pictures in three seconds.

Bell Quebec VP, Matine Turcotte, says the investment will be a boost to Montreal's economy. 

"Imagine for businesses for example e-gaming, and social media," she said. "Anyone who needs applications that are very heavy, in terms of data, this is going to be extremely good for small businesses."

Bell estimates the project will create about 2,700 new jobs and contribute $2.2 billion in economic activity to the Montreal economy. While the investment is entirely private sector, Mayor Denis Coderre says the city will take on a customer service role, by answering questions from resident about the service through its 3-1-1 info line. 

"3-1-1 is us, we have that kind of partnership they're already investing privately $854 million," said Coderre. "I mean we have a role to play."

President and CEO of Bell Canada, George Cope, stressed the installation process shouldn't add to the city's construction woes because 90 per cent of Quebec's Internet lines are strung aerially. 

"40 times faster imagine," says Turcotte. "I'm not saying when we're going to do it but in the future it could even be more."

Mayor Coderre says investing in technology like Fibre will make the city a competitive, digital business hub.