Better training and uniforms for caleche drivers this summer

Montreal caleche drivers will have a new look this summer.

A one-year agreement between the Ville-Marie borough and the Old Montreal Business Development Corporation (SDC) will see drivers training with the Quebec Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. The course will show how to better talk to people and improve the overall experience.

The city will also be providing drivers with uniforms, with drivers having several different options to choose from.

Denis Coderre, who is also the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough, said the goal is to improve the image of the industry as a whole. 

He said horses are a part of Montreal's heritage and the city wants to ensure that the animals are respected and treated properly, adding that he also wants city run stables so the health of the horses can be protected.

The $45,000 agreement is part of the $500,000 investment the city announced last December that called for new shelters, microchips and proper places to tie up the horses.